django-project-skeleton is my skeleton for Django projects. It provides a directory structure for Django projects during development and deployment. This structure is based on research and own experience of developing Django apps.

Please note: This is my skeleton and is developed to fit my very own needs for new Django projects. Please feel free to modify it to your own requirements but be aware that no changes will be made, that I do not consider usefull.

Additional note: Compatibility checks are made using Travis and tox. Please see Versions to find a suitable version of this repository for your development needs.

Notable Features

  • prepared directory structure
  • modular settings with sane default values
  • prepared sample configuration for Apache2-deployment with mod_wsgi
  • including .gitignore-files to help getting started with Git

Hall of Fame

It’s been a while, I even missed some Django-releases completely. Some guys at Github picked up the project and made some changes to keep it in line with Django-releases. I grabbed some code from the, so they are considered Contributors to this project and should be mentioned here: